The Long Lost Cupcake Recipe

I love cupcakes. I think they are the perfect dessert and the perfect pick me up. After my long day working at the theatre, I needed to do something fun. Plus I needed to do something to write about.

Wait. Let me back track.

About a year ago I went on the hunt for a new vanilla cupcake recipe. I love vanilla cake. Sorry, Mom. But when I went gluten free, chocolate seemed to make cake taste less like cardboard, so I became a chocolate lover. I mean, as a girl I have always loved chocolate, but not in cake form. Anyway, it was Easter and I tend to bring my own dessert to family gatherings. It’s just easier and safer. So I started to search for the perfect vanilla cupcake. Somehow I found this. I wrote down the ingredients and quickly went to the store. At first I thought it was strange to use orange juice in a cake, but I was willing to try anything.

I’m so glad I tried.

The cupcakes were perfect. They were delicious, moist, and mouth-watering. Ugh. Love them. I decorated them with the homemade frosting in the original recipe and wrote “Hoppy Easter” on them, with some frosting bunnies as well. I’m just so creative. I brought some of the extra cupcakes to school… and then dropped them on the floor. Just my luck. I find this fantastic recipe and then BAM the container pops open when it tumbles to the ground in my AP Psych class. Whoops.

The cupcakes were a hit at the Easter party. I recommend not using the homemade icing if you don’t want to go into a sugar coma, but it’s still really good.

A year ago, I had a different computer. The recipe was bookmarked on that computer and then it died. I forgot to get the recipe. *insert excessive sobbing*

While I was researching recipes to review/make for here, I Googled “gluten free vanilla cupcakes orange juice”. The biggest smile appeared on my face. Finally, I had found the recipe! On Saturday, my friends and I spent six hours building flats in the theatre for our upcoming production, so we needed dessert. I texted my friend, Kelly, and told her I needed to make cupcakes. I don’t have a great kitchen in my dorm, and it’s on the first floor. I’m on the third. Plus, I wanted to share the loveliness with Kelly, to show her the awesome side of being Gluten Free!

I, once again, quickly wrote down the ingredients and drove to the store. Then cupcake making began.

Since this was sort of a spur of the moment baking excursion, I don’t have pictures of the whole process. Future posts will have that. Promise.

As the cupcakes baked, the sweet aroma of vanilla filled the apartment and we couldn’t wait to devour them. Seriously, make these cupcakes and the aroma will be enough to make you hungry.


These were taken when I remembered “Shoot! I need to take a picture of them for the blog!” My friend Sam frosted these ones. Woo! Go Sam! The first dozen were amazing. These ones were great too, but they didn’t have as much batter, therefore a smaller cupcake. IMG_2808Nevertheless, they were delicious and I am so happy that the recipe is back in my life.

Give them a try! You will not be disappointed! Let me know what you think, and the original creator too!

Until next time,



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